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Voice Assistance For Dumb People On Hand Gestures

Title :
Voice assistant for dumb people using hand gesture 
Description :
It's very hard for dumb people to to speak whatever they have in their mind .so, what if there is a technology which can convert the signals  and gestures into voice ot to text?   Using this idea what if we can directly convert there handgesture  into text that will be displayed on some devices . to implement it what we're going to do ? . 
we are going to use deep learning  to build a hand gesture model it  will be taking so many hand gestures and their label and we are going to train  deep learning model. we will be using multiple deep learning models,  in the end we  will be comparing all the multiple models with their accuracy and losses .we will be selecting the best one .this is one of the best final year engineering project in machine learning. 
Best IEEE project under object detection where it will be very helpful to the society. 
We will be building this entire project using python 
Using HTML and CSS for frontend 
for backhend  able to use flask framework 
This is one of the best  machine learning project for any final year engineering students.

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