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Movie Success Prediction Using Machine Learning

The number of movies are growing in the word exponentially, People are making too many movies by using billions of dollars and they're investing it to get profit. But in such a scenario, it's very hard to expect whether there will get profit or loss. And many of big directors went into loss becausey just put their idea as a movie instead of doing any research/ whether it will be successful or failure. when it comes to film industry, it's very hard to predict whether it will be successful or failure. So, we as a machine learning people, we are going to use a data of IMDb, which means Internet Movie Database, which tells us what is the score for that particular movie? Here what we'll do in this project is that we are going to use so many features to predict whether that movie is going to get profit or loss .for example, number of Facebook likes ,duration of that movie,number of critics Based on all these feature, we're gonna say movie will be successful. People can use particular amount of money over that movie, whether he may be profitable, our losss, so this will be one of the best machine learning project for finally or engineering students and you can make it into IEEE Publication so, this is one of the best IEEE Machinelearning project idea that you can make it make it as you are finally a project and in this project, we are going to provide you with the complete fronthend and backhend codes. We'll be providing you many classes with explanation. In the end we'll support with content for your report and also for your paper.

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