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Irrigation monitoring using Artificial intelligence(IEEE Based Artificial Intelligence project )

This study aims to assist farmers in producing productive crop harvests through irrigation supported by technology. We suggest a simply available IoT-based monitoring, wirelessly controlled rover irrigation system to do that. Farmers may irrigate their crops based on moisture and temperature values and monitor that each plant is receiving enough water and sunlight through this IoT system data. A microcontroller serves as the master controller for this wireless rover system. The wireless interface of the rover is controlled via joysticks. For detecting moisture and temperature in close proximity to plants, the sensor unit that is a component of the rover system consists of a moisture sensor and a temperature sensor. For data analysis, we used Integromat, the Google-assistant bolt IoT, a telegram bot, and mailgun. Additionally, a bolt WiFi module was used to link it to the internet. We have sent, stored, and made predictions using data using the Bolt cloud platform..

This is one of the best final year project topic for Computer science and electronic students.

Components that we will provide are.

1.complete documentation support

2.complete working hardware/software implemented in students environment

3.classes will held accordingly.

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