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Detecting the facial emotion using deep learning

Detecting the facial emotion using deep learning 
Facial emotion detection is a technique where we will understand the emotion of a person by capturing the image or  capturing the video of that person .based on his emotion we are going to take a decision that will be profitable to a company are society. This is one of the best IEEE  machine learning project.  we're going to use python to build the whole project. For frontend we will use HTML and CSS for backend we are going to is flask framework. 
Initially we will take  many images for each class that may be anger may be happy and sad like that will take 7 to 8 classes of emotions .each class containing thousands of images  we will train a deep learning model. 
we will use the trained deep learning model and integrate with the user interface /website. This project is best when it comes to computer vision and deep learning together. 
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