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Emergency Clinical Procedure Detection Using NLP at Project Centers in Bangalore

The timely delivery of care and treatment in hospitals relies on accurate patient status information. Previous studies have explored the use of automated algorithms to detect clinical operations, particularly in enhancing the information flow from emergency medical services (EMS) to hospitals. However, these studies have not effectively utilized video sources that are available during patient care. In this research, we investigate the effectiveness of using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on raw video footage to detect clinical procedures. We employ various deep learning models and evaluate their performance. Our results demonstrate improved performance compared to previous research, although they also highlight the need for more training data to achieve levels of effectiveness suitable for clinical settings. At Smart AI Technologies, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for final year engineering projects based on IEEE papers. As one of the top project centers in Bangalore, we offer the following components for your project:
Complete documentation support to ensure well-documented project work.
Implementation of working hardware/software in the students' environment.

Conducting classes and guidance tailored to the project's requirements.
By choosing our project center in Bangalore, you can ensure that your final year engineering project on emergency clinical procedure detection using NLP will be among the best IEEE projects for computer science. Contact us now to avail our services and receive expert guidance throughout the project development process.

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