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Automatic flying Drone detection in restricted areas for defence

Automatic flying Drone detection in restricted areas for defence 
Safety is the main key for any defence of the country. You need to ensure that no any flying object comes in the restricted areas or borders and when it enters it should be taken seriously and it should be taken down. Drone is one of the thing which is nowadays used by people like tourist trust and others in the borders. So it's very out for any people or person to sit there and continuously watch . What if there is a technology which is able to detect when a Drone is visible in the camera alert army as soon as possible. It will solve the problem. 
Now here in this work we are going to refer few best I to play machine learning papers. And will gonna implement them first. Then make improvements over them. And we'll try to get better results than the previous papers as possible. This is one of the most interested Italy artificial intelligence project for any final year engineering students. You can take it as a Final year project and best project for which you can present in your CV. 
The documents that will going to present are 
1. Complete content for the work will be provided. 
2. Classes will be taken accordingly. 
3. Complete code will be explained. 
Few possible changes and improvements during the project will be done without increasing the price of the project. 

Will produce some Italy artificial intelligence papers below their we can study them if you have any doubt or for any query please contact us: 
You will be building this application using python ,computer vision, deep learning. 
User interface can be built using HTML and CSS.

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