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Crop Prediction And Advise The Alternate Crop

Abstract: agriculture is the backbone of our Indian economy.To improve the economy of our India, we need to improve first our agriculture. there are so many technologies coming up to help the agriculture. In this project, we are using your machine learning model to predict the yield and to give an advice to which is the best crop to grow based on some features.we are going to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for frontend.and for backhend we are going to flash framework .our courses we will build a web page where if you enter the inputs like what is the district, what is the state name, what is the temperature, what is the humidity, what is the soil type, and what is the area and which crop you want to grow. If you feed all these inputs, it will give you what is the yield that you will get in your soil. In the second page of our user interface, we will be giving you if you enter what is the NPK that is nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus or of your soil of your agriculture land we will be giving you which crop you need to go to get better yield .other features temperature humidity and soil type here also for advising the crop. this project you can publish them into IEEE. This will be one of the good IEEE Machine learning project for final year students. So this is one of the best IEEE machine learning project that many students are interested to work with. So we will build it completely and we will help you with the content to publish it into IEEE. we as a smart AI technologies we actually work only on machine learning, AI and data science. we'll be supporting you completely throughout your project. We'll be taking your classes on this particular project, whichever you select, and we'll be giving you the complete code . we'll be setting the software and hardware if required. we will be making you to run the code in your system to solve the problem in your system and also help you to answer the questions that are going to be asked to from your department your lectures. And in the end,we will be giving you the complete content for your report where you can make reports very easily .

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