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Chatbot Using NLP - Best Final Year Engineering Project for Computer Science


A conversational agent (chatbot) is computer software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to engage in natural language conversations with users. Building a successful chatbot model remains a challenging task, despite advancements in AI and NLP. The chatbot's goal is to comprehend user intent and provide relevant responses. This project proposes a fresh approach to chatbot development using deep neural networks, specifically end-to-end trainable neural networks. These networks, which have replaced earlier methods relying on instructions, patterns, or statistics, consist of multiple layers that learn and interpret user input.

Our final year project is based on an IEEE paper and offers an exceptional opportunity for computer science students. The project components we provide include:

  1. Complete documentation support
  2. Working hardware/software implemented in the student's environment
  3. Classes tailored to project requirements

This project serves as an ideal final year engineering project for computer science students, providing a comprehensive exploration of chatbot development using NLP and showcasing the capabilities of deep neural networks.

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