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Detecting the birth weight of child using deeplearning

Detecting the birth weight of child using deeplearning
In present days people are not taking care of their health in fact it going to affect their future families so many people are drunk they smoke so it'll affect the for the newborn babies there will be reduced there will be having a malnutrition problem they will be very weak during the birth it is being approval and we have been working on it and we have done so much research on this topic where a person who smokes a lot and who drinks a lot their children weight will be very less compared to a person who is normal. So in this project we can analyse like this so many features I do you can build a machine learning predictive model where you can able to predict the possible weight baby. 
This is one of the best actively machine learning project provided by smart Technologies Bangalore. Which is related to health. Because of less weight of a baby he will be very weak during the birth due to this there are so many cases where it's very hard to handle or are save the babies at that stage. 
This will be one of the best project for any final year engineering student which will be able to build awareness in the society. 
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Here we are going to use for frontend HTML and CSS for backend we are going to use python. 
Will be building a complete application where you can deployed on any servers. 
Documentation that we cannot provide during this project are: 
1. Complete classes will be handled accordingly 
2. Help for the presentation with the content 
3. For the extra any smaller improvements without increasing the price of the project 

Smart air Technologies is one of the best attapallam machine learning project provider in Bangalore.

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