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Detecting the birth weight of child using deeplearning

Title: Detecting Birth Weight of Child Using Deep Learning - Best IEEE Project Center in Bangalore


In the present day, many people are neglecting their health, which can have adverse effects on their future families. Excessive drinking and smoking can lead to malnutrition and low birth weight in newborn babies. At the Best IEEE Project Center in Bangalore, we have conducted extensive research on this topic. Our goal is to develop a machine learning predictive model that can analyze various features and accurately predict the weight of a baby. This project focuses on the health aspect and aims to create awareness in society, as low birth weight can result in complications during childbirth.

For this project, we will use HTML and CSS for the frontend and Python for the backend. The application will be a complete system that can be deployed on any server. Please note that certain documentation and additional services, such as organizing classes and providing presentation content, may not be included in the project but can be discussed separately.

Smart Air Technologies, the best IEEE machine learning project center in Bangalore, is proud to offer this project.

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