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Air Quality Prediction Using Machine Learning

air quality is the main key feature for detecting the quality Index of a region. Air pollution is affecting both nature and also human being health. One of the best example is Delhi of India due to air pollution schools were  closed and offices were closed . many accidents  happened because of it. air pollution  leading to acid rain and forest fire. In recent years the forest fire is destroying the whole forest region . example in Australia forest fire killed   many animals and the same thing happened with amazon forest. So there is need to detect the quality of the air. this is one of the best solution that students can work on ,where if you can directly measure what is the quality of air  based on some features. This is one of the best machine learning project that final year engineering students   can take on. 
we will be making a machine learning model .we will able to detect the possibility of forest fire. 
For this we are going to use Python coding. 
For fronthend we are going to use HTML and CSS for backhend we are going to is flask. 

The documentation of that we are going to provide are 
1. The complete content for the whole project whatever we build 
2. We help you to make the presentation for all your phases by giving proper content and also guidence 
3. Regular classes will be held on the topic.

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