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Speech Recognition Using Python

speech to text recognition model for IEEE machine learning project. this is one of the best Machinelearning  project when it comes to speech related  data .we  will train rnn model which can able to detect what we speak in a voice and convert that into a text. you will get data set which will be having so much recorded audios and their alternative text .   model  will trained to detect text out of the speech whatever we speak . Frontend will be  designs using HTML and CSS and flash as a backend framework . 
What are the applications of speech to text text line new 
1. Now Google is using for its search 
2. Amazon is using speech to text for searching for any object or any material in Amazon 
3. It can be used by doctors to store the data from voice into any documentation which will help them to save the time and they can express whatever they have in their mind freely 

What are the benefits of speech to text 

1. It will save time 
2. Reduce cost 
3. It will be a very productive tool 
4. By using this any company can reduce the time  to a make any documentation and it can be done very clearly .
We smart ai Technologies we are providing best IEEE machine learning projects from more than 3 years. This speech-to-text project will be one of the best IEEE  machine learning project that we can workon. It will be completely implemented in your systems and complete classes will be taken accordingly and also we will give your support in making presentation ,provide you   content for report.
Our model will be built using our own deep learning model .we will not be using any pre trained models .we will try to give good accuracy results . 
if you need to know more about it you can watch the video that is linked about for more contact us.

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