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Sentimental Analysis for Twitter Data

in This project we are going to use Twitter data as a Input .  we are going to  say what emotion that particular message carries .this will be one of the best Final Engineering IEEE Machine learning  project in the present days. . this project will use Python, NLP for the process . we are going to use tweeterfor  building the model. we are going to build a recurrent neural network which can learn and which can detect what type of emotion message contains. This will be one of the best IEEE final year engineering project among natural Language Processing topics .you will be  be having so much to learn and also we will be supporting you throughout the project to get it done. if you are a final year student and if you are looking for any support will do it from base to end.we will be making you to learn from getting data set to preprocess the data set then to build the deep learning or machine learning  Will be taught a complete class for the project it will contain complete concept needed from Python and deep learning and also some extra document need for that. regullar classes will be conducted.
The document that we are going to provide our 
1. Complete content whatever we do both code and theory .
2. Support you in making PowerPoint presentations by providing the content for each face the project. 
3. Also help you to implement  some extra ideas  on the project that you decide without any extra payment.

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